Weekly callout of PR campaigns, “Touchdowns and Fumbles”

Readers of PR Conversations (particularly those involved in media relations or media coaching) might find the weekly e-newsletter, Touchdowns and Fumbles, produced by Veritas Communications to be just the ticket for a Friday half-time break. Its game is to provide a brief analysis of select news stories from a PR perspective. As indicated in last week’s issue (July 6th), “…we only comment on the communications play, not on the substance of the issue.”

Touchdowns and Fumbles is written by Bill Walker, a former journalist and manager with the PGA Tour, who is the senior vice president at the Toronto-based Veritas office and his equally critical compadre, Bob Reid, ex-journo and media adviser to a (former) Ontario premier, who now serves as the principal media coach for Veritas.

The July 6th issue focused on Walker’s “Man with TB lashes out” (Fumble); “L.A. Mayor faces up to his extra-marital affair with TV anchor” (Touchdown); and “Nobody came out shining in Libby case” (Fumble). It also included Reid’s “Meet the new boss, [the UK’s new prime minister, Gordon Brown] not the same as the old boss” (Touchdown); and “White Stripes [rock band] score with unconventional tactics” (Touchdown). Finally, a bonus “Veritas Team Huddle,” compiled by Keith McArthur, “Anglican bishops close door on controversy” (Fumble).

It’s easy (and free) to subscribe to your own weekly play of Touchdown and Fumbles. Also check out the archive of past issues (to May 4, 2007).

(Veritas Communications is a national public relations and public affairs organization, and a member of the MDC partners network. Fitting in with the sporty theme, its website states that they are proud to be the national communications sponsor for Special Olympics Canada.)

A helmet tip to Ira Basen, for punting me over to this resource.

And congratulations to Ira for his own “touchdown,” as his CBC Radio series, Spin Cycles: Spin, the spinners and the spun, scored a 2007 Silver WorldMedal in the Business category at the recent New York Festivals (NYF) International Radio Broadcasting Awards. Now in its 50th year, this is an international competition that recognizes “The World’s Best Work”™ in Radio Programming and Promotion.

(A reminder that Spin Cycles currently is being rebroadcast by the CBC Radio on Sunday mornings at 10 a.m. North American EST. And this time around its host Sunday Edition show is available as a podcast, posted the day after.)

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5 Replies to “Weekly callout of PR campaigns, “Touchdowns and Fumbles”

  1. Yes, it is the course he is teaching at Western. You have it correct with your statement, “he certainly does his research”. In addition to that, his “real world” experience (versus the “theory based” academic professors I am used to), shows through via his interest in the interaction between Public Relations and Journalism, both in a historical and contemporary setting. He demonstrates his points with an all encompassing understanding of the great landscape of Public Relations, yet breaks this up with a healthy use of video and radio clips. I am enjoying the class, yet have to find a topic for my final paper. I am currently stuck, yet I am sure something will come up. It helped me on my last one to constantly view the “Touchdowns and Fumbles”.

  2. Hi student, thanks for stopping by. Is this the course Ira is teaching at the University of Western Ontario? After listening to the Spin Cycles series, and having heard him speak twice (once as part of a panel session on PR and Journalism, the other time at the CPRS Toronto AGM, the address which is posted on PR Conversations), I’m quite certain Ira is also one helluva lecturer. (He certainly does his research.)

    Enjoy your program and feel free to join our conversations here, anytime, with your perspective.

  3. I am doing an assignment for Ira Basen, he is my PR teacher and its great to see his credentials and accomplishments being noted.

  4. Hi RaSho and welcome. Although PR Conversations has many visitors from around the world (who find us by searching for some really intriguing topics and many contributing excellent comments offering their local perspective), I believe you are our very first rapPR to stop by! 🙂 (I’m guessing you found us via the newish mySpace Business/Public Relations page.)

    I’ve suggested to my PR colleague/friend who has done work with P. Diddy (featured on the Spin Cycles “Earned Media” segment on the second show) that she get in touch.

    All the best with your singing career.

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