Updating mini-history of public relations

Don Bates is an Honorary Trustee of the Institute for Public Relations and the author of an abbreviated public relations history on the Institute Web site (see www.instituteforpr.org/research_single/mini_me_history/ ). He is updating the paper and would like to make the next version the most international yet. To do this, he needs your suggestions for trends, issues and events from the past 10-20 years that you think have had significant impact on the practice and development of professional public relations. If you have articles on the history of public relations in various countries or regions, he would be happy to consider them for inclusion with the history.

Please write or call Don directly at the following address:

Don Bates, Academic Director
The George Washington University
Graduate School of Political Management
805 21st Street, N.W.
Washington, DC 20052 USA
Direct: +1 202-994-9419
Department: +1 202-994-6000

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One Reply to “Updating mini-history of public relations”

  1. Frank,
    I am sure this is project that would catch the attention of our GA members. I suggest you put Don in touch with Joao Duarte our new executive officer at the GA who can include an item in the upcoming newsletter of the GA that he is assembling at the moment.
    While I do not have any articles per se on the history of the Global Alliance, I believe it is an important milestone that should be captured in Don’s update.

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