Two New Features in this Blog. Enjoy and/or criticise..please!!

You might have noticed on the right hand side of this blog a new ‘special feature’ which, for now, includes two links.
This addition also derives from your responses to our very feeble ‘stakeholder engagement’ attempt.

The first has to do with the upcoming Euprera annual congress which will discuss (October 16/17 in Milano) the ‘institutionalization of pr’ issue.
Visitors may link to the congress website which has just been opened and contains very interesting materials as well as videocasts with scholars and professionals.
You will also notice that, in turn, that site links directly to us and to our ‘institutionalization’ ongoing discussion.
You are more than invited to join the discussion. Actually, please do so.

The second has to do with an interesting experiment: our co-blogger Catherine Arrow had agreed some time ago to undertake the daring task of rationalizing and putting together this blogs most relevant contents on the ‘what is pr?’ issue.
The original idea was to migrate from a social media original content to an actual book printed on paper!
We thought this might have been a useful tool for professionals, scholars and students alike…but we naively omitted considering (as we soon discovered…) that traditional book publishers would not accept the principle that social media materials, even where edited and rationalised, become printed books.
So we decided to go ahead anyhow and post this pdf which you may download as you wish.
The idea being that, if this is a success, we might proceed and also offer links to pdf’s of reasoned and integrated contents on issues like, for example, pr and responsibility, pr and management, pr and education, pr and professional organizations, pr and evaluation…..

Please tell us what you think.

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One Reply to “Two New Features in this Blog. Enjoy and/or criticise..please!!”

  1. I like the idea of offering a PDF file on some corner stone issues around PR.

    But what would constitute a success of such a feature? The number of downloads and links?

    If the PDF file was also part of a regular post we could also include comments as a success factor.

    However, both features seem to overlap because they stand as a way to gather all posts that focus a certain issue.

    If the goal is to give more visibility, it might be interesting to take the idea one step further. By keeping the first new feature as a quarterly ongoing debate, and later creating a PDF that would be published in a separate page, category of posts or even website.

    But again, that would depend on the overall goal of such features.

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