Tidbits: one, two, three, four…who are we all rooting for?

Tidbit 1. From Louvain la Neuve on ‘Contredire L’enterprise’:

°today’s title implies that corporates speak and others react, but be careful in overemphasising corporate win, warns Jean Pierre Beaudoin;

°organizational conflicts are less manageable today, also because of social media, says Jean Marie Charpentier;

°state institutions are abruptly importing managerial models at their own risk and peril, suggests Yves Winkin.

These are my major takeaways from a full day of academic and professional homage to retiring Belgian professor Axel Gryspeerdt on Friday October 23 at the reputed UCL (Universitè Catholique de Louvain).

Take a look at the line up here, and browse through the brief recaps of the various presentations.

As for me, power points here are the final power points in (broken) French, as well as an accompanying english text.

I was also blessed on the occasion and finally met face to face with co blogger Kristen Sukalac, a charming and very bright young colleague… thank you Judy Gombita for recommending she join PR Conversations way back when.

Tidbit 2. Please visit here and rush for a last minute attempt to attend this very exciting Cerpmed conference organised by colleague Amanda Jane Succi dedicated to the public relations profession in the Mediterrenean. By the way, the oriental coast of Sicily in mid november is in its utmost and irresistable beauty…

Tidbit 3. May I call your attention here and see the announcement of this new initiative which in part also applies the ‘reputation wall’ concept developed by David Phillips, Bruno Amaral and Girish Lakshminarayana.

The three award winners will be invited to collect their awards, including a 250 euro cash prize, at the Euprera Spring Symposium in Ghent, Belgium Feb 25-27, 2010.

Orgnaizers want to showcase the work of people who are using social media to discuss and develop new ideas about PR and communication, from students just beginning to explore these exciting new areas through their first blog to experienced researchers who are breaking new ground in theory and practice.

And here is the call for papers related to the Euprera Spring Symposium.

Tidbit 4. And now please turn your attention to THE 2010 EVENT you cannot really dare miss and which counts on your early direct online input as well as active on site participation, both of which will effectively contribute to a major step forward for our PGBOK (professional global body of knowledge).

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