This here blog is moving along….

Visitors should be made aware that this blog is now at least for some time (nothing is ever permament…) on the home page of , the 7/24 e-newsletter which many believe to be the most visited pr news site in the world… I am of course extremely grateful to Jack O’Dwyer for this privilege and I am sure that his decision will reach at least two objectives:

– give regular o’dwyer-pr readers the opportunity to access information and debate on their profession from many regions, schools of thought and points of view in many countries; -give this blog’s author, its very welcomed commenters and posters a great platform of professional community to communicate with.

Visitors might be interested in knowing that , according to my stats device, since September 1 visitors have so far come from:

Italian 46%

English/United States 16%

English/United Kingdom 12%

it-it 7%

Portuguese 4%

English 3%

English/Canada 1%

English/New Zealand 1%

Lithuanian 1%

Slovenian 1%

Estonian 1%

German 1%

Dutch 1%

Turkish 1%

French 1%

Spanish 1%

German/Austria 1%

English/South Africa 1%

Chinese/China 1%

German/Germany <1% Romanian <1% Russian <1% Swedish <1% Italian/ Switzerland <1% Finnish <1% bs-ba <1% Dutch/Belgium <1% Portuguese/Brazil <1% English/Australian <1% Farsi <1% Danish <1% Bulgarian <1% [en-u <1% French/Canada <1% Spanish/Argentina <1% el-gr <1% Croatian <1% French/Belgium <1% German/Switzerland <1% Polish <1%   These results -coupled with the quality of comments and other author's posts- refer to 1000 unique visitors and some 5800 hits since September 1.

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