The day after: apologies and gratitude…

This blog was made available to the public yesterday September 1 and, first of all, I must apologize to visitors for having decided to temporarily remove my interview with Harold Burson which I had originally posted…..
I was victim of my own enthusiasm. The interview, in English, was finalized to hit news stands, in Italian, in the September issue of the highly important monthly magazine Prima Comunicazione.
And so it will be…and, as soon as this happens, the English version will reappear on this blog.
I also wish to thank the many which have sent me messages of support and have promised to comment and to write posts.
I hope they do so.
Finally I would like to acknowledge the tremendous technical support and great advice I received from my past brilliant student and today young and upcoming professional Andrea Barbagelata, one of the better public relations whiz kids in the Internet environment. His email, should anyone be interested in contacting him, is

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7 Replies to “The day after: apologies and gratitude…

  1. Congratulations Toni for this blog which, I’m sure, is one of the first italian professional blogs currently running. I couldn’t but expect it from your passion for technology and for the most updated tools “communicators” can and should use.
    I will be here “reading you and following you” as always and even more directly so now!
    cu soon. Stefania

  2. Thank you Lesan for the lesson. Will not do it again. I only hope that Andrea will receive more good than bad from my having been so naive…thank you Alessandro, Carlo and Vincenzo.
    By the way, my stats tell me that sofar some 48% of visitors log on from italian operative systems.
    Good or bad?
    Don’t really know… as I had not set specific expectations. The glass half full indicates that Italians are much more versed in the English language than they used to be.
    The half empty one instead is that, if you add the two 10% of visitors from the Usa and the Uk, only 30% log in from other countries… and this, maybe, is a problem…if I wish to succeed in developing this tool as a global relationship environment.
    Friends from Africa, Asia, Latin America, Australia, New Zealand and other countries please help by sending me a post so that we may attract your colleagues from your own countries as well….

  3. Hi Toni, I am glad to see you finally running a blog. I was just wondering about Italian RP blogs, as I read the post from Vincenzo on his own blog. And so your blog was only one click away: now it is in my list, thanks.

  4. I’d like to thank you for this project: I’m going to follow it, very interested on what it can become for all public relators. Great!

  5. ahem, might be a good idea not to display emailadresses for spambots!
    just a well meant hint to professionalize this ambitious, sensible project.
    grz, lesan

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