Archiving the future of public relations

The International History of Public Relations Conference (IHPRC) at Bournemouth University again delivered much fascinating and thought-provoking insight into our past, present and future. None...

Making public relations history

“Any fool can make history, but it takes a genius to write it”, according to Oscar Wilde. Those of us assembling in Bournemouth for the...

Nurturing Knowledge – a job for PR

‘Imagine a World Without Free Knowledge’ – Wikipedia’s blackout protest statement is a reminder of the value and reliance placed on repositories of online information. ...

Never kiss an alligator and other lessons from PR History

The history of public relations began with PT Barnum parading elephants through small town America in the 1800s - with the famed huckster the cause of the ongoing misunderstanding of the profession. That's the simplistic narrative found in the majority of PR text-book

Barcelona 1 – Evaluation 0?

This month saw another cross-border event, with the agreement and publication of the "Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles" at the 2nd European Summit on Measurement. Five global bodies and 200 delegates from 33 countries all voted overwhelmingly to adopt a set of basic principles.

International research team asks CCO's to Be Heard™ (and contribute)

While there is some anecdotal evidence, little formal research has been published on public relations/communication department organizational structure--particularly on: the models in use; the strengths and weaknesses of each of those models; the factors that drive the chief communication officer (CCO) to choose a specific organizational design. These questions will be addressed by this research: Global Study on Communication Department Structure.