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This is post #501 – which seems a useful milestone to reflect on the previous 500 posts at PR Conversations, and invite you to contribute...

A one-on-one chat with Solo PR’s Kellye Crane

Kellye Crane, a 20-year public relations and communication veteran, has been operating independently as Crane Communications, LLC since 1995. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America. Kellye teaches others how to be a PR consultant on her blog, Solo PR Pro.

An effective communication campaign: #PicturesTalk

This detailing of a case study began life as an intended comment on Kristen's Sukalac's recent blog, Pink Gloves, Hashtags and Lost Opportunities, but it became so involved and long (and the subject so inspiring) that I decided to turn it into a post proper.

Dispatch from Oz: Think privacy isn’t important? Aren’t you glad this loo isn’t made of glass?

In 2003, Privacy Victoria launched a sponsorship of the Platypus House at the Royal Melbourne Zoo. At the time the then-Privacy Commissioner, Walkley Award winner, and ex-journalist, Paul Chadwick, indicated, “Privacy Victoria sponsors the platypus at the Melbourne Zoo because these fascinating monotremes are a natural symbol for the idea of privacy. Platypuses are shy, discreet and wary, innately valuing their privacy. The sponsorship aimed at helping people think about privacy in a new and engaging way.”