Barcelona 1 – Evaluation 0?

This month saw another cross-border event, with the agreement and publication of the "Barcelona Declaration of Research Principles" at the 2nd European Summit on Measurement. Five global bodies and 200 delegates from 33 countries all voted overwhelmingly to adopt a set of basic principles.

Reaching out to Generation Connectivity Online

Public administrations have a reputation for inertia, so it's always refreshing to see innovative counterexamples. The French Office national d'information sur les enseignements et les professions (ONISEP) is tasked by the Ministry of Education to help students, parents and educators to learn about existing professions and various opportunities for training or further studies.

Arresting consequences of life with the Thought Police

The story concerning the man who joked on Twitter and subsequently found himself under arrest caught my eye yesterday, particularly after the story a couple of months ago involving the US police officer who ordered a showbiz agent to send a tweet.

An effective communication campaign: #PicturesTalk

This detailing of a case study began life as an intended comment on Kristen's Sukalac's recent blog, Pink Gloves, Hashtags and Lost Opportunities, but it became so involved and long (and the subject so inspiring) that I decided to turn it into a post proper.

The End of the World as We Know It?

PR Conversations talked to Silvia Cambiè (top left) and Yang-May Ooi (below left), authors of the recently published International Communications Strategy: Developments in cross-cultural communications,...

Timeless civility (from a Russian vault)

Few would argue that, at its core, the public relations role is about engagement. It’s about conversations and building relationships with stakeholders, both identified and unknown. In the social media sphere some proclaim that there are new rules for engagement…but I don’t actually think that much has changed