PRSA's #PRin2013 initiative invites 13 PR people to provide trends to watch this year

Shortly before the holiday break began in December, I received an email from Stephanie Cegielski, associate director, public relations, of the Public Relations Society of America, inviting me to submit a 2013 trends post for the PRSay blog.

Besides nailing down whether I could comply with the submission deadline, I was curious to find out more about the #PRin2013 initiative. I remembered reading trends from various PRSA members in 2012, but I was interested in learning more about the PRSay blog’s trends history and framework.

Stephanie responded:

“This is the third year that PRSA has put together its ‘Top Trends of the coming year’ series. We look to industry thought leaders and ask for their opinion on what the top trends will be during the upcoming year.

Each contributor provides a unique perspective on what he or she feel lies ahead in the coming year. A side benefit for PRSA members and other readers of the PRSay blog is that any ‘look forward’ gives each of us the opportunity to reflect on the past year and make our own predictions on the year ahead, based on our work environment and other circumstances.”

As PRSA reached out to this Canadian to contribute, I’ve decided to help promote the 2013 trends series to (perhaps) a more “global” audience of public relations practitioners, academics and students. (This is particularly appropriate, as “PR going global” is my top trend, and I reference some of the international public relations people I’ve either met or become better acquainted with as a result of this blog. Rumour also has it there is a Brit submitting a trends post, too.)

The way I’m going to do this is by posting a link to each day’s contribution (anticipated to be over much of the month of January 2013), here on PR Conversations, including the name of the contributor.

The newest contribution will be the top post, meaning that if you return to PR Conversations fresh content will be easy to find, even if this is no longer the Featured post on our blog.

I’ve stated with the #PRin2013 introductory post, which provides a brief outline about the series, as well as excerpts from submissions received from (publishing first) Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA; Elise S. Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA; Ron Culp; Nathan Burgess…and me!

PRSA’s #PRin2013 Trends Series

13. #PRin2013: A Look Back at the Predictions (PRSA staff)

12. Measurement, Management and the Media Consultant: PR Predictions for 2013 (Shonali Burke)

11. The Changing Role of Mentorship (Sean Kelly, MA, APR, Fellow CPRS, Canada)

10. Connecting the Dots with Content (Philip Tater, APR, Fellow PRSA)

9.  Reality Check: Mobile (Janet Tyler, APR)

8.  The Value of Internal Communications Lies in Flexible, Informed Practitioners (Sean Williams, past guest contributor to PR Conversations)

7.  #PRin2013: PR to give organizations a new legitimacy (Daniel Tisch, APR, Fellow CPRS, Canada)

6. Not Losing your Social Media Shirt in 2013 (Nathan Burgess)

5. ‘Pageview Journalism’ Creates Immediate Opportunities and Challenges for PR Professionals (Ron Culp)

4.  PR’s Mandate in 2013 (Peter Himler)

3.  Global PR and internal communication trends for 2013, paywalls and pragmatism…and more (Judy Gombita, Canada)

2.  What’s Next: Predictions for Public Relations In 2013 (Elise S. Mitchell, APR, Fellow PRSA)

1. Challenges Facing Public Relations in 2013…Demand for Accountability Will Rise (Kirk Hazlett, APR, Fellow PRSA)

Introduction: #PRin2013: 13 Trends to Look for in Public Relations During 2013 ( #PRin2013 Trends series introductory post by PRSA’s Stephanie Cegielski)

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