PRoust Questionnaire: Markus Pirchner

The PRoust Questionnaire provides a quick insight into a public relations practitioner’s interests and point of view, as well as their professional beliefs and values. If you are not familiar with the original 19th-century Proust Questionnaire, please see details at the end of this post.

Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (cc-by-2.0)
Photo: Jean-Pierre Dalbéra (cc-by-2.0)

1. What is your most striking characteristic as a PR practitioner?
To track down and explore new ways to communicate.

2. What is your principal fault as a PR practitioner?
Impatience and a (minor?) penchant for perfectionism.

3. What is your favourite occupation in PR?
Analysis, concepts – and putting them to test.

4. Why do you work in PR?
They didn’t have a job in Hollywood. PR is almost as entertaining.

5. What is your idea of PR nirvana?
Open-minded clients.

6. What do you regard as the lowest depth of misery in PR?
Being asked for deceptive maneuvers.

7. What qualities do you most admire in a PR practitioner?
The ability to listen and the willingness to learn new things every day.

8. What qualities do you most dislike in a PR practitioner?
Unscrupulousness and arrogance.

9. Who would you describe as a PR hero or villain?
Heroes/villains are for novels, and they usually die an early and/or violent death. We are all humans, even in PR.

10. What do you most value in your professional contacts?
Willingness to share knowledge.

11. Have you ever been influenced by a PR campaign?
PR campaigns that try to improve social and/or environmental awareness usually have some impact.

12. Where would you most like to practise PR?
Ideally in a place with a pleasant climate, but actually I’m quite satisfied with where I am.

13. Has a novel, film, play or other work of fiction ever influenced you as a PR practitioner?
I’m usually more influenced by scientific literature, but numerous works of art have played an important role in shaping my personality.

14. Who do you think has great public relations?
All organisations that take stakeholder relationship seriously.

15. Which real, historical or fictional person or brand would you like to give a reputation makeover?
Caligula. That would be a challenge 😉

16. Who is your favourite writer?
Too many. But Kurt Tucholsky is primus inter pares.

17. What one thing is essential to your PR life?

18. Groucho Marx is quoted as saying he’d never join a club that would have him as a member. Which PR club, association or tribes do you belong to—and why?
On a national level I’m a member of PRVA (Austrian PR association); on a global scale I am connected with a selection of PR pros and networks.

19. Where do you most like to do your professional networking?
It’s not a question of place, channel or quantity. Quality is at the core of my networking decisions.

20. What’s the best career decision you ever made?
To focus on the Internet as a place and means for PR as early as 1995.

21. What skills and abilities do you think tomorrow’s PR leaders need?
Analytical and strategic thinking, willingness to listen, eagerness to learn.

22. Which talent would you most like to have?
To play the Koto.

23. How would you like to end your PR career?
In good mental and physical health.

24. How would you describe the current state of public relations?
Transformation and re-orientation.

25. What is your PR motto?
First things first, but not necessarily in this order. No, wait: Think the impossible, plan the possible, do the right thing.

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