Listen to this: wish all journalists were so correct in their handling of our profession!!

The canadian professional community is commenting on the first of six hours of canadian broadcasting corporation radio coverage of the relationship between public relations, spin and journalism. Here is the link to the first program. Listen and comment if you wish. I found it very well done, balanced and interesting:

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2 Replies to “Listen to this: wish all journalists were so correct in their handling of our profession!!

  1. Thank you for all this precious info on a very important event taking place in Canada but with what one would imagine a global impact, at least in our professional community…
    May I remind ourselves that the last extensive and also illuminating three hour series (documentary) was done in 2002 by the bbc and its title was ‘the century of spin’ and can be downloaded from many places in the Internet (through google). Truly wonderful materials and a vivid story of how public relations, for good and for bad (as they say), influenced the last century.

  2. Hi Toni,

    Thank you for using the tremendous (international) reach of your blog to highlight, “A Series about Spin, the Spinners and the Spun,” with Ira Basen, for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation’s highly respected Sunday Edition radio show. (I’ve heard that he’s also writing a book on the topic.) The response to the first segment (available as an audio download on the CBC’s dedicated web page) has been overwhelmingly positive from my circle of PR colleagues.

    Although the series is under the auspices of the CBC, I do know that Ira Basen interviewed around 60 individuals from Canada, the U.S. and the U.K., including PR practitioners, academics, journalists, government relations communicators, etc. This Sunday’s instalment is called “The Spindustrial Revolution,” and will examine the current culture of spin (including media training), plus more.

    I have it on good authority that Basen contacted the Canadian Public Relations Society for suggested interview subjects at the front end of the project. And kudos to my local chapter, CPRS Toronto, in seizing the opportunity and access to Ira Basen, to schedule a panel session at the end of this month, Who Is The Real “Spin” Doctor?

    Having already secured my spot, I’m happy to pass along the URL to individuals in the Greater Toronto Area who might also wish to attend…but I suggest you don’t delay! In corresponding with CPRS Toronto’s administrator yesterday, after only four days of publicity, the session was already booked to 50 per cent of its capacity.

    Obviously geographical and capacity restrictions mean that only so many people can attend this event. On the other hand, given that the CBC has generously allowed public access to the archived segment(s), why couldn’t like-minded PR practitioners from around the globe plan to hold their own session or sessions on the topic(s), formally under the auspices of an association or organization or informally as a networking group? Just a thought.


    P.S. I’ve asked my colleague/friend who will be featured on second segment to pass along the URL for Toni’s Blog to Ira Basen

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