Linking business strategy and excellent communication. The Grunigs are at it again..

Once more, on the new global public relations framework issue I have the pleasure of linking you to a presentation leipzig-linking-business-strategy-and-excellent-communication.ppt Jim and Larissa Grunig presented in Leipzig (Germany) last week on the theme: linking business strategy and excellent communication
In my view, this presentation is a significant leap forward in our quest, and I am very interested in reading your opinions.
I will be seeing Jim and Larissa in Bled (Slovenia ) next weekend and will relay to them your comments if you will want to send them in here.

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2 Replies to “Linking business strategy and excellent communication. The Grunigs are at it again..

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  2. I agree that Jim and Larissa’s presentation is a significant leap forward in our quest to make public relations part of top management’s agenda. I am also glad to see that the Excellence Study is still relevant in this quest, since groundbreaking work was done in that study. Benita Steyn, Retha Groenewald and myself did similar studies in South Africa a few years ago and confirmed the importance of especially the shared expectations between the top communicator and the dominant coalition.

    I was specifically interested in the Grunig’s last slide which stated that “Research is needed on the institutionalization of public relations as a strategic management, bridging, function, rather than its common practice as a symbolic, buffering, function (Yin, 2005).”

    In a discussion I had last week with Judge Mervyn King, the convenor of the committee who wrote the King Report on Corporate Governance for South Africa, he confirmed that what we are doing as communicators in an organisation is an integral part of the sustainable functioning of an organisation (in my mind his opinion represents the view of the typical enlightened member of the dominant coalition in the SA organisation, since the King Reports (1, 2 and later this year 3) are regarded as important guidelines for doing business in SA. These reports have a strong stakeholder engagement philosophy as their foundation.)

    He also stated that the organisation of tomorrow will function by taking into account: strategy (what should be done), corporate governance (how this should be done) and sustainability (how to keep on doing the right things right). This will also be the point of departure for the King 3 report.

    I am currently exploring these three elements (I originally started out with only strategy and corporate governance), to see where communication and public relations fit in and how it can be made part of the strategic management, corporate governance and sustainability agendas. It would be interesting to hear the Grunig’s view on this approach.

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