Euprera, the European Association of Public Relations Research and Education steps up its profile, launches mid march Euroblog 2008 summit in Bruxelles in partnership with Edelman while extending to end January the deadline for papers to be delivered at its October 2008 Milano Congress on the Institutionalization of Public Relations and Communication Management, including a special grant from the Institute for Public Relations.

Euroblog 2008 will be held in Bruxelles from March 13 to 15 in partnership with Edelman, the worlds largest indipendent public relations firm.

This is the call for papers to be presented by selected researchers, educators and professionals on the first day, while the rest of the conference will host interactive sessions, presentations and debates with leading public relations, social and mainstream media professionals, scholars and analysts from Europe, the United States and other regions on four basic themes, accompanied by specific case histories, which are:

– Five years on: Has the relationship between social media and PR delivered on its promises?

– Social networking: Personal privacy and the public sphere

– Five years ahead: What will the future look like?

Please put this highly relevant event on your calendar and participate to the call for papers with your ideas.

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