Embedding culture into business: a great italian experience now also readable in the english language

Michela Bondardo, head of Bondardo Comunicazione in Milano, Italy, has been spearheading now for ten years, a highly successful project called Impresa e Cultura (enterprise and culture) to which some 700 different companies (tiny, small, medium and large, local, national, international and global)
have, during the decade, sent in a detailed description of their efforts to integrate culture into their core activities (not sponsoring) in the hope of being one of the 76 winners of one of the different cathegories which have been awarded in the annual general meeting of the project.
Why do I tell you this story?
Because the other day the TCI Italian Touring Club has published, in english and italian, a very neat little booklet which contains a true wealth of ideas and stimuli to enhance the value of culture in all its forms into a commercial business.
So if you are involved, or interested, or are planning to be involved in these issues I would suggest you google either Michela, or her company, or the publisher to receive a copy of the booklet. Well worth the effort.
I served, in these last years, as a member of the selection committee entrusted with the screening of all the projects so that the final jury had only to choose from a more limited number of entries. It has been amazing to see the growth of small businesses who have decided to develop cultural projects, the increase of companies engaging their employees in these activities and the amazing correlation between these activities and good economic results.

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