Director Roundtable: Stakeholder Expectations and the 21st Century Board

PR Conversations founder, Toni Muzi Falconi is taking part in a fascinating ‘Director Roundtable‘ event being held in collaboration with the NYU school of continuing and professional studies on 28 February. The other speakers are:

Richard Edelman, president and CEO, Edelman
James Grunig, Professor Emeritus, University of Maryland
Emilio Galli Zugaro, Head of Group Communications, Allianz

This event looking at Stakeholder Expectations and the 21st Century Board builds on the book: Global Stakeholder Relationships Governance: An Infrastructure, authored by Toni, who has kindly offered the first chapter as a free download to PR Conversations’ readers. All you have to do is click here!

As well as its strategic insight, the book has some interesting myth-busters where public opinion is at odds with facts. For example, popular beliefs run counter to a deceleration of global connections. Is public relations to blame for such misconceptions?

Follow the above link to read more – or check out the ‘Director Roundtable‘ in New York later this month.

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Update: Bob Geller registered to attend the Director Roundtable and has written two reports about it:

Stakeholder Expectations Roundtable: A tale of two books (PR Conversations)

What This American/Tech PR Person Learned at the Stakeholder Expectations Roundtable (CommPRObiz)

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5 Replies to “Director Roundtable: Stakeholder Expectations and the 21st Century Board

  1. Your hunch is correct…otherwise…why would we bother???

    Onanism is important, I agree, but not sufficient.

    The first newsletter to mention this was O’Dwyers that you know has an intense New York distribution, then other articles, reviews and then PRC.

    In seeing the list I have (not complete) I can certainly imagine that some have read about it on PRC.

  2. Catherine, thanks for your inquiry.

    Unfortunately neither of the options you indicate will be available,

    Yet, as the waiting list seems to be growing, this could imply a change in policy. The conference board is however audio taping and a significant editing of this will be distributed on their site.

    I will certainly inform PRC readers if/when this is likely to happen. t

    1. Toni, I’d be interested in knowing if much (or any) of the registrations to this “booked-to-capacity” (and waiting list) event was a result of this PR Conversations post and/or various promotions……

  3. Heather and Toni – the event is at capacity it seems, so even if I could beam myself Star Trek-style to New York to attend I’d not get in.

    Could you advise if the session will be available either as a live hangout or by video/YouTube afterwards so those of us dotted about the globe can listen in?

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