December 4: D-Day for XPRL and for the global public relations community

December 4 will be D-Day for XPRL.
It is with unabashed hope and trepidation that I am pleased to inform readers of this blog that in London, December 4 in the early afternoon at the CIPR headquarters in St. James Square, some highly selected 40 senior public relations professionals from different countries will meet to launch the second and decisive phase of the XPRL project, already discussed here in a preceding post…. More...
XPRL is not only a universal public relations computer language, but it is a dire challenge to the global public relations community, and its more or less institutionalized organizations, to prove their existence and vitality.
To better understand the level of the challenge please visit and also read this text prepared by Daviv Phillips xprl game on.

On this occasion two of my best NYU students, Louisa Bargeron and Leah Talatinian, also on behalf of another ten students who actively worked on this, will present the results of a project work dedicated to outlining a short-term public relations program to involve the global public relations community into endorsing, backing and actively adopting XPRL.

There is little I can add except express gratitude to those who have been working on the whole XPRL program for some time and confide that the rationale and motivations will be sufficiently convincing for the participants.

If this project does not find healthy legs to walk on (and by legs I mean both financial and human resources which can only be supplied by professionals and commercial as well as academic bodies interested in the future growth of our profession) then December 5 will be a very sad day for public relations.

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  1. This is nice,the 40 practitioners meeting in London on December 4,should do their best to make XPRL functional.

    Best wishes,

    Sunday Odedele,


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