Engaging (and grilling) the social side of James Grunig

Up until now it appeared to me that Jim was not a proponent or user of social media; however, he had fairly recently indicated, "[it] creates the possibility of symmetrical communication" and that "[social media's] greatest value may be in environmental scanning to listen to stakeholders and bring information into decision making".

PR resources, about or by, Canada and Canadians

In a comment to my last post, PRC reader and frequent commenter, Brandon Carlos, indicated his frustration at the apparent dearth of Canadian resources, "Another lagging area in Canadian PR, Judy, is in the educational text arena. As a recent grad, I can attest to the atrocious selection of Canadian-focused PR texts. In a country with a population base spread across such a vast land area, you would think that nowhere other than Canada would PR be such a necessity."

Liliths rising: three PR pros provide strategic career advice

“Earning a voice at the C-level table: How to position yourself and communications as strategic in your organization,” was the eye-catching title of a September 2007 CPRS Toronto session. The end result didn’t disappoint, with its panel of three highly intelligent, conversant and seasoned practitioners