A one-on-one chat with Solo PR’s Kellye Crane

Kellye Crane, a 20-year public relations and communication veteran, has been operating independently as Crane Communications, LLC since 1995. She is a member of the Public Relations Society of America. Kellye teaches others how to be a PR consultant on her blog, Solo PR Pro.

Isolated on the Web

This week, five francophone public radio journalists (one Belgian, one Canadian, one Swiss and two French) are evaluating new media. Isolated in a cabin in a rural region of France, they have vowed to consult only Twitter and Facebook the entire week.

2010: Battle begins for "real-time" relationships

Read the paper? Nah - that's old news. Watched the broadcast? No need, we were there when it happened. Tracked Twitter trends to spot what's unfolding? Didn't bother, we saw it coming because we know and work directly with the community. How did you tell people? We operated a Living Story.