How to cut 50% spend on public relations

To paraphrase that old saying about advertising, is it possible that organizations are wasting half their PR spend? In the face of plans by many governments - such as the UK and Italy - to cut their communications budget, how should the public relations industry respond? Here I share some of my thoughts - and a suggestion from Toni Muzi-Falconi.

International research team asks CCO's to Be Heard™ (and contribute)

While there is some anecdotal evidence, little formal research has been published on public relations/communication department organizational structure--particularly on: the models in use; the strengths and weaknesses of each of those models; the factors that drive the chief communication officer (CCO) to choose a specific organizational design. These questions will be addressed by this research: Global Study on Communication Department Structure.

PR crisis case studies in real time

Open any public relations textbook and the section on crisis management will include examples of how organisations have demonstrated "best" or "worst" practice. And, it's not just the textbooks, as recent incidents have seen plenty of advice from PR "experts" through online and social media.

An effective communication campaign: #PicturesTalk

This detailing of a case study began life as an intended comment on Kristen's Sukalac's recent blog, Pink Gloves, Hashtags and Lost Opportunities, but it became so involved and long (and the subject so inspiring) that I decided to turn it into a post proper.

Sixteen Edelbytes from Richard

His early goal was to make Edelman’s New York office profitable and even larger than its Chicago headquarters. Over the years he determined to carve out a distinct, professional identity, which included: playing a role in the professional community, further developing the company internationally (particularly in Asian markets), taking many risks (and assuming full accountability for them) while exploring new ideas, concepts and tools.

According to Bill Sledzik, social media measurements remain elusive; let’s fix that

PR Conversations welcomes a guest post by Bill Sledzik, associate professor, School of Journalism & Mass Communication, Kent State University, Ohio, U.S.A. Collectively, we quite like his regular blog posts (i.e., thought process, rigour and sense of humour), and felt that our international readership would enjoy a taste of some Tough Sledding, too.