A stakeholder relationships approach to global climate change

Business as UnUsual as the reset for organizational thinking and Changing Mindsets by focussing on the consequences and not the concept of climate change for the public debate. These are my major takeaways from last Friday’s closed door sherpa meeting of global experts, leaders and thinkers of sustainability convened in Rome by Enel.

Basically this amounts to what I would call, mostly a stakeholder rleationships agenda.


On one hand, the Business as UnUsual concept begins from the consideration that Michael Porter’s linear and material value chain model has reached its peak, and that a fuzzy and intangible network value model, the one Sven Hamrefors writes about here, is emerging -principally based on the measurable value of relationships between its members and between networks- and brings fantastic new challenges to public relations professionals all over the world.

On the other hand, the Changing Mindsets piece of the equation implies a thorough reframing of the climate change public debate, both in mainstream and social media, and what is this, if not another terrific opportunity for the model of public relations we have always been advocating in this blog?

As usual, however, we need to think, listen, study, analyse, plan, advocate and create, and not simply organize an event and produce a news release.

The profession is-a-changing and we need to ensure a sufficiently smooth transition without throwing out the baby with the dirty water.

Your comments and ideas to bring this forward?

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