686 respondents to a Global Alliance survey allow a first draft profile of today’s ‘concerned’ public relations professional

A few weeks ago the Global Alliance asked its 66 association members, from as many countries, to urge their 160 thousand individual members to participate to an on-line global survey.
As of a few days ago, 686 individuals had replied and while experts are compiling an accurate analysis of results soon to be published on the Global Alliance’s web site, I would like to share with you some minor indicators which however help us in profiling that typical cosmopolitan and professionally concerned public relations professional that we would very much like to proactively attract to this blog……

So this is not, if you like, a competent analysis of results, but only a very quick-and-dirty snapshot of some responses. And should you be aware of friends and colleagues who correspond to such profile, this author would be grateful if you passed the message along….and by the way…not only to these!
86% of respondents belong to at least one professional association, and this compares with some 10% of the public relations community universe and explains why I use the term concerned professional to indicate respondents.
They are more or less equally divided in three main cathegories (30%): private industry, public sector, consultancy and services, while the non profit sector is close to 10%.
79% are either directly heads of their organization or report directly to top management, while a solid 79% indicate that the main part of their job consists in developing and implementing communication and relationship strategies and programs.
71% travel intensely in their home country while 36% travel frequently international.
67% earns a minimum of  net 40 thousand US dollars per annum, but 12% more than 100 thousand, while 61% also benefit from free health insurance and 47% from a supplementary annual bonus.
58% is in the 25-44 age range, while 34% in the 45-60 one.
68% are women, 80% has a university degree and 98% speaks the English language.
 Difficult to say if this profile pretty well corresponds to reality. But there is no reason why it shouldn’t and the fact is that, at least as far as I know (and I would be very happy to learn differently) these are the only data available. So we are all anxious to read the final and detailed results of this research.   


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2 Replies to “686 respondents to a Global Alliance survey allow a first draft profile of today’s ‘concerned’ public relations professional

  1. Thank you Jean. I hope at least some will respond..However disappointing, I am not aware of other global surveys of this nature which have produced more interesting or relevant results. Are you? If so, please let us know. In my view it is essential to be able to count on an accurate profile of the pr professional at a regional, international or global level. This information adds much to the understanding of the global pro scenario.

  2. Toni,
    Six Hundred people is a disapointing results for a global survey. I encourage all of your readers to spread the work amongst their colleagues and complete the online survey.

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