The leadership role of Public Relations according to Mo.Ve’s 2008 report on Car Dependancy and Sustainable Mobility in Metropolitan Areas


“….Notwithstanding these examples there is growing recognition of increasing differences between opinion and behaviour in society today.

If we are to be really successful in the use of social marketing in changing
individual behaviour, we need to rethink traditional theories about how we use communications and marketing to achieve social objectives.

We need to refocus on society.

This need is emphasised by an increasingly fluid, mobile, society; an increasingly divergent set of public opinions on many matters; and an increasing lack of trust in government, other institutions and the media.

This implies a thorough review of traditional and mainstream integrated marketing communications, in which public relations becomes stakeholder relations and takes the lead from other disciplines, such as advertising, direct response and promotions, taking full account of the great changes brought about by the internet and social media….

One may read these words on page 48 of this years Mo.Ve Scientific 2008 Mo.Ve Report, coordinated by Martin Richards on behalf and with the support of the Scientific Committee chaired by urban sociologist Guido Martinotti, dedicated to the issue of Car Dependency and which is released and discussed in Venice, Italy on Tuesday 25 and Wednesday 26 November at Mo.Ve’s Annual Mobility Forum.

Only 100 European highly reputed and authoritative public, private and social policy makers are invited to attend, for the seventh consecutive time, this exclusive event.

Here is the final 2008 program.
And for more information on Mo.Ve’s activities see here.


  1. @ Brian – unless your car is a VW-166 or an Amphicar or a WaterCar or a SeaLegs or an AmphiCoach or a Gibbs Aquada or a Dutton Marine or a Rinspeed Squba, not to mention James Bond’s vehicles. 🙂


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