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Rewinding the ‘wag the dog’ syndrome from integrated reporting to integrated thinking….

By Toni Muzi Falconi Since its inception, PR Conversations has played a relevant role among the more aware global public relations community in presenting arguments for the value of adopting integrated reporting from forward-looking organizations to inform their stakeholder publics and setting, with their active participation, involvement and engagement platforms through an ongoing, continued … [Read More...]


Starting a global conversation on global public relations standards

We have received an invitation from Professor Anne Gregory and Jean Valin for all readers and contributors to PRConversations to get involved in a global project defining the capabilities of proficient public relations practitioners. It’s the Global Body of Knowledge project, or GBOK for short - and your wisdom and knowledge is being sought to get this right. Anne and Jean write: Over the last … [Read More...]


Stockholders in the Corporate Family – or contemporary activists?

In 1948, W Howard Chase tackled the topic of Stockholders in the Corporate Family in his chapter in the book Your Public Relations (serialised here), with the intention of challenging conceptions of them as a 'thin-lipped fiscal schemer', 'money-baron' or 'decadent, bespectacled aristocracy'. Fifty years later, the global financial crisis began, and today the image of stockholders continues to … [Read More...]

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