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Applauding the community at the Fringe

It's understood that the play’s the thing; however, it was the vibrant community found around each performance that proved an unexpected volunteer adventure at The Toronto Fringe festival 2015. Prologue  I’ve held a number of volunteer roles over the years, many of them board or committee participation in industry associations (LERN, CPRS and IABC/Toronto). Moreover, I’ve contributed to … [Read More...]


Public relations tribes in the global village

There is a recent tendency to divide public relations practitioners around their engagement with social media or digital communications - creating different tribes. I think this is fallacious - here are my reasons why.     When I wrote my answers to the PR Conversations Proust Questionnaire five years ago this very week, I mentioned Orwell's 1984 as a work of fiction that had … [Read More...]


Refreshing PR Conversations Redux

In 2010, we took a new approach to PR Conversations - as we saw it, creating a Redux version. Five long years, and after nearly 600 PR Conversation posts, we've refreshed the look and feel, but continue to offer a platform for informed discussion, where a wide variety of voices can converse about public relations in a global-local context. You will find the same editorial team approach which we … [Read More...]

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